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Zipbuds was born in 2009 out of our passion for music and love of creating solutions to problems that had gone unaddressed in the earbud industry. At the time, tangled earbuds were unanimously the greatest frustration for earbud users, and major companies offered very few effective solutions. To combat this issue, we developed and patented the zipper earbud; the most effective intervention to tangled cables.

Over the past 7 years we’ve introduced three new technologies and eight different earbud and headphone lines. We've cultivated relationships with the world's finest audio engineers and industry leading manufacturers. We refuse to compromise when it comes to quality, and source only the best components from 6 different countries around the world.

Our passion for music, living an active lifestyle, and best-serving our customer's needs has fueled our mindset to continually push the status quo in developing innovative solutions to make everyone's journey more enjoyable. Our obsession with this mission has led us to develop the most complete sport earbud ever made: 26.

26...the Sport Earbuds Designed to Ignite Your New Beginning

26 is here and designed to rock your world; to be the catalyst for change you've been waiting for. The proof is in its story.

The sport earbud revolution is here. But, where did it come from? More importantly, how will it change your world?

We believe that every great development, every revolutionary product has a story. To understand why something matters – how it has the potential to change your life – you have to understand how it came to be.

Breaking the sound barrier without breaking the bank is more possible than ever, and it has a story of its own: The 26 Story.

Why "26"?

The letter Z. To many people, it's the conclusion. It's what happens at the end, after all other letters and sources of hope have been exhausted and the journey has ended.

We don't believe in endings. We think that what others see as an "end," is really just the beginning: the springboard for something more, something better.

Enter 26, appropriately assigned based on the letter Z and the journeys we all take through life. When you come to your end, you reach your peak or you have accepted that where you are is as good as it's going to get, you fall into the trap that athletes fall into far too often. You believe that there's nothing more...you settle.

Life is too great for that and 26 is here to prove it. To be your catalyst for breaking the barriers that seem to surround you...to push you to be your best and then some.

When you feel that fire inside that only those who look for beginnings instead of endings feel and you're ready to push yourself to the next level, 26 is the piece of gear you need to make it possible.

26 represents the PASSION that fuels our dreams and the different journeys that we take through life. 26 represents the COURAGE to take the path less travelled and the HOPE that anything is possible.

26 is a catalyst for fitness. 26 is fashion embodied. 26 is performance at its best.


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