26 Wireless Features

Sound System

The Basics

26 is engineered with a unique, precision-tuned Hybrid Driver System that relies on Balanced Armature Drivers to isolate mid- and high-end frequencies while Dynamic Drivers handle the lower frequency range, performing as built-in subwoofers. This allows for acoustic precision and distortion-free sound at any volume.


Often, a factory reset can fix any sound issues that arise. To learn how to perform a reset, click here (link to reset doc).

If you are experiencing lesser sound output with either the left or right earbud, it’s possible that a hard reset can fix the issue.  If the reset does not fix the issue, it’s possible that you have a blown out speaker coil. Please reach out to us directly at if you feel that this may be the case.

For common sound troubleshooting, see 26 Wireless Sound Help.

Ear Tips & Stabilizers

With 144 unique combinations of ear tips and stabilizers, you can achieve a custom fit and optimal comfort, regardless of ear size or shape.

The Parts

  • Stabilizers - placed on earbuds first, before ear tips. Ensure Right/Left markings match earbud.
    • C-Locks - Designed for casual or office wear. Will still hold in place for workouts.
    • Fitness Locks - Designed to hold in place for active wear.
  • Ear tips - placed on the nozzle of earbuds after stabilizers.
    • Silicon - Traditional ear tip material.
    • Memory Foam - Must compress prior to inserting into ear. The tips will then expand to fill the ear, creating a true sound lock and fit.  

Finding Your Fit

Your left ear may require a different combination of eartips and stabilizers than your right ear. This is okay.

  1. Select desired stabilizer and place on earbud, ensuring Right/Left (R/L) markings match.
  2. Place desired ear tip over stabilizer.
  3. Ensure that chosen stabilizer and ear tip combination creates a comfortable seal in ear canal on each side. This is critical for both sound performance and stability. 26 creates industry leading noise isolation - You will know that you’ve found the correct fit if the outside world sounds almost muted, even when you’re not listening to any music.
  4. Be patient. Expect the first fitting to take 5-10 minutes of experimenting until you’re comfortable with the fit.
  5. Do a few jumping jacks, take a quick jog, shake your head or simply experiment with various movements to be sure the fit will hold up to your desired activities.  Be sure to adjust the tightening slider on the back of the earbuds (behind your neck) to find the perfect setting for you. You are looking for a nice secure fit, but not so tight that it’s pulling the earbuds out of your ears when you turn your head.


Compatibility and Connectivity

26 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 class 2 and can be connected to any device that is compatible with this, or lower levels of Bluetooth connectivity. This could include:

  • iOS devices,
  • Android devices, and more.


Microphone and Functions 

26’s microphone is located inside the right side control pod. If you’re experiencing any issues with the microphone, often, the best fix is a hard reset of the earbuds.

To reset your 26’s

  1. Go into your device’s bluetooth settings and tell it to "forget" the earbuds.
  2. Turn the earbuds off - then turn them back on again.
  3. When the LED is flashing red and white, perform the reset by holding down the volume + and volume - buttons simultaneously for 5+ seconds.  You will know that you were successful when the LED flashes again.
  4. Re-pair the earbuds to your device and see if you're experiencing the same issues.

If this fails to correct the problem, contact our team.

Sweat/Water Defense 

26 Wireless Sport Earbuds are designed to hold up to rigorous levels of activity and sweat. Designed with proprietary hydrophobic technology, the earbuds have been coated to prevent damage from standard use.


  • If the area where the charging clip connects to the stabilizer becomes wet, and is not thoroughly dried after use, oxidation may occur that could damage the earbuds during a future charge.
    • This oxidization can also occur internally (not visible to the eye) if you’re not properly drying the connection plates after use.
  • Long-term or excessive exposure to the elements - including water - could limit the microphone’s functionality, and the overall performance of 26.  

NOTE: Zipbuds warranty does not cover submersion in water or contact with extreme humidity, extreme heat, sand, dirt or the like. Proper use and care is essential, and neglect of proper care can void your warranty.


Battery & Charging

26 features an extended battery life:

  • Up to 15 hours of talk and play time.
  • 200 hours battery life on standby.

Charging Components

To achieve this industry-leading battery life, 26 depends on two components: the built-in battery and battery/charging clip.

  • The built-in battery, when fully charged, allows for up to 7.5 hours of talk or play time, depending on usage. 
  • The magnetic battery clip adds up to an additional 7.5 hours of talk or play time, doubling the built-in battery life, depending on usage. 

Charging 26

  1. To charge 26, attach the mobile charge clip to the appropriate pod, magnetically.
  2. Insert the micro end of the included USB cable into the top of the charge clip.
  3. Plug the other end into any 5V USB power source.
  4. This simultaneously charges the earbuds and the mobile charge clip.

    Charging Times

    • 5 minutes of charge time = 1 hour play time
    • 2 hours = fully charged

    For common charging troubleshooting, see 26 Wireless Charging.

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