26 Wireless FAQ

Q: How do I find my perfect fit?
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To create an optimal level of both sound and fit, finding the right combination for your ears is essential.
Note: Your left ear may require a different combination of eartips and stabilizers than your right ear. This is okay.

  • 26 features newly designed in-ear stabilizers: C-locks and fitness locks, along with memory foam and silicon ear tips in three different sizes each. Each style leverages different parts of your ears’ anatomy to hold your earbuds in place.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the R and L markings on ear earbud, stabilizer and ear tip to determine whether the part belongs in the right or left ear.
  • For optimal fit and audio performance, ensure that your chosen stabilizer and ear tip combination creates a comfortable seal in your ear canal on each side. The lack of a proper seal may impair audio performance and hinder in-ear stability.
  • Allow 5-10 minutes to experiment with different combinations until you find your best fit. Don’t be frustrated if you need to adjust prior to your first workout or two.
  • Do a few jumping jacks or shake your head to determine whether a combination works prior to starting your workout.
  • After you’ve found your fit, you’re off!

How 26 Should Look in Your Ear

26 Wireless Earbud Fitness Locks
Fitness Locks
26 Wireless Earbud C-Locks

Q: I can’t hear the bass...what gives?
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With 26’s precision-tuned hybrid driver system, featuring a built-in subwoofer, the potential for bass is phenomenal. But, if you can’t hear it, there’s a quick fix. Try replacing the ear tips with the next bigger size. For the bass level to be optimal, the earbuds must lock in your ear canal. Trying one size up can accomplish this.

Q: Can I make the earbuds more stable for intense workouts?
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  • For everyday wear, a looser fit may be more appropriate. However, for intense workouts, you want the pods to meld to your neck.
  • To achieve this fit, tighten the earbuds using the slide located in the back. Tighten the earbuds until comfortable, ensuring you have the range of motion needed to perform your desired workout.
Note: it is possible to overtighten 26. If you feel as though the earbuds are tugging on your ears, you’ve done just that. Readjust until you find the fit that’s right for you.

Q: How do I charge them?

26 provides up to 15 hours of combined play time with the built-in battery and magnetic charge clip. If you’re on the go and need extra juice, attach the magnetic charge clip using the attachment points.

To charge 26, attach the mobile charge clip to the appropriate pod and insert the micro end of your included USB cable into the top of the charge clip. Plug the other end into any 5V USB power source. This charges both the earbuds and the mobile charge clip simultaneously.

5 minutes of charge time = 1 hour playtime
2 hours = fully charged

Q: Does the mobile charge clip charge the product when it is not plugged in?

The simple answer is: no.

When hooked up to a power source, the mobile charge clip and built-in battery charge simultaneously, each reaching their full capacity. When the mobile charge clip is attached to the unit magnetically, it simply provides the added battery life in the clip, it does not charge the unit.

Q: I’ve lost the magnetic battery clip. What should I do?

The clip is required to charge 26. As such, you’ll need a replacement.

Q: The sound is “spotty.” What’s the fix?

If the sound seems “off,” there are a few potential fixes.

  1. First, wait to start the music until the device has synced. You may hear it “coming in and out” for a few seconds, otherwise.
  2. Second, you may have wandered too far from your device. While 26 is equipped with a newly designed Bluetooth 4.1 antenna, there are still distance limitations for how far you can be from the source of sound.
  3. Third, you may need to try to reconnect. Try turning off the Bluetooth on your phone or mobile device, turning off 26, and resyncing.

Q: Is 26 waterproof?

26 can be submerged in 3 feet of water for 10 seconds without damage to the internal components. If your earbuds do become submerged in water, allow the inner components of the earbuds to dry for optimal performance.

Q: My earbuds didn’t come with stabilizers. What should I do?

The stabilizers are labeled and located in the back of the box on each side. Be sure to check behind the front packaging to find the accessories.

Q: How do I skip tracks using 26?

To skip forward or go to the previous track while listening to music, without pulling out your phone or device, hold the volume + button for 1.5 seconds (to go forward) or volume - for 1.5 seconds to go to the previous track.

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