26 Wireless Cleaning & Care

Attentive cleaning and care for Zipbuds 26 is essential for long-term use and function.

The connection plates where the charge clip attaches to the pod (gold in color) must be thoroughly dried after each use. While 26 is resistant to sweat damage and normal wear and tear, the gold connection plates must be fully dried. When sweat sits on them, oxidation can occur, that can irreversibly damage the earbuds during future charges. Failure to take proper care of your Zipbuds 26 earbuds can result in voiding your warranty.

Simply dry off earbuds at the connection plates after use to eliminate this issue.

Any time you would like to clean or disinfect any of the parts of Zipbuds 26, feel free to do so using rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs. Again, ensure that the connection plates are dry before charging the earbuds.

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