26 Wireless Charging

The charge clip has a battery inside of it. The left pod on the earbuds (with the connection plates) also has a battery inside of it.  You can only charge the battery inside the left pod of the earbuds when you have both the charge clip connected to the pod and the charge cable connected to the charge clip and a power source.  Any time the charge clip is connected to the cable and power source, the charge clip battery will charge up.  The battery inside the left pod of the earbuds will only charge when everything is connected to an external power source.

When you use the charge clip by connecting it to the earbuds when you are not connected to the charge cable and an external power source, the battery in the left pod of the earbuds will not be recharging - instead, the charge clip will act as a "mobile" extension to the internal battery, which will allow you to continue using your earbuds even when you're not in a position to charge the battery that's actually inside the left pod of the earbuds.  Ideally, the external charge clip should only be used when you want to charge the earbuds left pod battery, or when you're on the go and not able to charge the earbuds left pod battery.  The external charge clip does add some weight and is just meant to be a backup option that can keep you going in times of need.

Charging Components

To achieve industry-leading battery life, 26 depends on two components: the built-in battery and battery/charging clip.

  • The built-in battery, when fully charged, allows for up to 7.5 hours of talk or play time. 
  • The magnetic battery clip adds an additional 7.5 hours of talk or play time, doubling the built-in battery life. (image)

Charging 26

  • To charge 26, attach the mobile charge clip to the appropriate pod, magnetically.
  • Insert the micro end of the included USB cable into the top of the charge clip.
  • Plug the other end into any 5V USB power source.
  • This simultaneously charges the earbuds and the mobile charge clip.
    • NOTE: The magnetic charge clip only charges the earbuds when connected to a power source. When attached to the earbuds without a power source, it extends talk or play time but does not charge the earbuds.

Charging Times

  • 15 minutes of charge time = 1 hour play time
  • 2 hours = fully charged

Charge Component Use and Care

  • The charge clip is an essential component, not just for extended battery life options, but also for charging the device.
  • The charge clip and its earbud stabilizer must be clean and dry prior to charging. Fluids, dirt or other particles could damage the device during a charge.  

I Lost My Charge Clip

My Earbuds are Chirping

  • The chirp you hear is designed to alert you to your device’s low battery.
  • If you hear the chirping, your 26’s must be charged to eliminate it.
  • The mobile charge clip is designed to add additional battery life, but cannot charge the built-in battery, so the chirping can continue, even after the clip has been attached if the battery was too low prior to attachment.
  • To prevent chirping in the future, consider attaching the mobile charge clip prior to the battery becoming too low (below 10%).


  • It takes 2 hours to fully charge 26.
  • The mobile charge clip must be fully attached to the earbuds pod via the magnetic gold charge plates, and attached to a power source via the charging cable to charge.
  • If the charging plates have not been fully dried after each use, oxidation can occur (this may appear green or white) that could hinder 26’s ability to charge.

If you’re not able to power on your set of 26, you can still perform a hard reset by following these instructions:

  • Press the volume + and volume - buttons simultaneously and hold them both down for up to 5 seconds.  You will know the earbuds successfully reset if the LED on the right hand control pod flashes.
  •  If the reset is successful, please charge the earbuds via the charge cable & clip for two hours.
  •  After charging, attempt to power on the earbuds.
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