Up the Sweat Factor this Valentine's Day

Up the Sweat Factor this Valentine's Day

February 11, 2017


Maybe you love the Hallmark-like traditions that Valentine’s Day brings out – or is supposed to bring out – in all of us. You love the candy hearts, the boxes of chocolate, the roses, the candlelight dinners and all the things that are supposed to feel romantic and loving. If you fall into that category, that’s great! But, this article might not be for you.

For some of you, Valentine’s Day might not bring out the “aw…” factor, instead, it might make you a little uncomfortable. Who hasn’t wanted to gag a little bit at the cheeky décor and gifts adorning most storefronts around the country? Maybe you’ve ignored the holiday altogether because of it.

Why not do something a little different this year? Why not try something new with your partner (or on your own if that’s what suits you!), and find something new to love? Why not incorporate a little sweat into this February 14, and start a new tradition that’s all your own going forward?

Check out these alternative date ideas to get moving and have some fun this year.

Find the Nearest Rock Climbing Gym

things to do this valentines day

In many cases, rock climbing is a perfect partner workout. While one of you watches the lines, the other can reach for new heights. Worried about whether you’ll be able to cut it? Most gyms offer a variety of levels along with lessons and classes to help you work on your technique.

To find the gym nearest you, check out this global directory and give them a call. For your first visit, you may need to schedule an appointment in advance.

Take an Urban Gymnastics Class

If you’ve ever watched American Ninja Warrior, you’ve probably thought to yourself “I wonder if I could do that?” or, at the very least, “wow, that looks amazing!”

Why not make this Valentine’s Day a giant gut check by testing your own limits?

Search for an urban gymnastics class or gym near you. Many offer obstacles found on the show, like the warped wall, and allow guests to learn the basics of parkour to make the most of the course. Check in advance to see if you’ll need to take a class or if an open gym hour is available. Be prepared to sweat, laugh and try something you’ve never done before.

See Your City in a New Way

this valentines explore the city in a new way

You might drive through the nearest city during your daily commute or at least visit regularly. But, what if you could see it in a new way?

Look online for local digital scavenger hunts, geocaching caches, bike tours, Segway tours and other events that could get your heart pumping while you do a little exploring. Maybe you’ll learn a little history or some fun facts that will add to your appreciation level for the place you call home.

Set a Valentine’s Day PR

If running is near and dear to your heart, or something you’ve thought about wanting to get into, there’s no reason it shouldn’t be incorporated into your Valentine’s Day plans. After all, working up a sweat can be followed up by an indulgence-filled dinner without guilt. It’s a win-win!

Options include creating a new course with your love, entering a race or starting to train for an upcoming event. If talking while you work out isn’t your thing, consider synching your playlists, pulling out your favorite sport earbuds and enjoying togetherness in a new way.

Want to get really adventurous? Check out a Valentine’s themed Cupid’s Undie Run. Or, go a little more mild with something more chocolate-related like a Hot Chocolate Race.

Hot Yoga Anyone?

By definition, hot yoga is designed to work up a sweat. The classes typically take place in a room heated to around 98.6 degrees, which might sound a little “out there,” but, it’s more than hot. Hot yoga comes with numerous health benefits including:

  • Detoxification – excess sweat eliminates toxins from the body that could cause trouble down the road.

  • An elevated heart rate which allows the body to enjoy both the relaxation of yoga poses with an added cardiovascular workout.

  • A deeper stretch. The warm temperature allows your muscles to relax and flex more than a standard yoga class in normal temperatures.

It might not become a part of your routine, but Valentine’s Day offers an excellent opportunity to try something new and hot yoga might just be a perfect fit.

If roses and chocolates are your thing, have at it and have fun. But, if you’d like to incorporate your other love – fitness – into this Valentine’s Day, there’s never been a better chance to do so.

Get together talk about what would be the best fit for you as a couple and get out there. Make this Valentine’s Day your most adventurous – and maybe your most fun – one yet!

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