Incorporating Fitness into Your Next Vacation: Have a Guilt-Free Getaway

Incorporating Fitness into Your Next Vacation: Have a Guilt-Free Getaway

July 29, 2016


It’s that time of year again; the sun is blazing (pretty much everywhere!), temperatures are soaring and mid-summer blues are kicking in. For many people, this means it’s time for a serious vacation. Sometimes creating a Pinterest board of dream getaways and browsing during work hours just doesn’t do the trick.

While vacations are an excellent option for enjoying the heat instead of suffering through – it’s easier to soak in the rays with a cool drink in your hand than during a suffocating car ride to work – and for giving your mind the break it needs, they don’t need to put all routines on hold. In case you weren’t sure, the routine that doesn’t necessarily need a break, even during vacation, is fitness.

I’m not talking about working out three hours a day when you could be out enjoying the sites. However, a nice hike, a run here and there or even a body-weight-resistance workout could find a way into your vacation schedule if you really wanted it to. If you’re like the 45% of Americans who want to avoid gaining weight on vacation (who needs guilt while they’re getting away?), you might need some serious motivation to get moving.

Lucky for you, I’m here to provide exactly that! If you’re ready to enjoy your next getaway, guilt-free, try out a few of the following ideas. When you get home, you’ll be glad you did, I guarantee it!

Create a New Playlist

It’s amazing what a little new music could add to your routine, whether you’re at home or away. But, if you generally stick to the same tunes during your workouts, vacation is a great time to break the monotony.

Think back to your teenage years, or try downloading a few seasonal favorites (reggae beachside? Yes please). Make a list that is completely outside of what your “normal” may be. Better yet, make a different playlist for each day! When you’re ready to hit the pavement, the sand or the water, pull out your sport earbuds, your phone and voila, you’re off!

Plan to Sightsee Off the Beaten Path

plan to stay fit during your vacation

I don’t know about you, but, I enjoy finding sights that are off the top ten lists, that I can be the first to tell others about.

Do a little research before your next trip. Look on local message boards and websites to find restaurants and locations that aren’t geared toward tourists. Then plan to rent a bike or take a hike to get there. Working out on vacation doesn’t need to involve a hotel dreadmill; it can be an adventure!

Think About Your Splurges

avoid splurges on vacation

It’s true…we all need to indulge sometimes (it’s science…check it out!)…and one of the best times to do it is during a vacation when you’re around food and drinks you don’t often get to enjoy.

Maybe that extra dessert you’re planning on could motivate you to get some moving in before dinner. Think about the splurges you’re planning; they might get you off the lounge chair for an hour! Afterwards? Enjoy without guilt…you’ve earned it!

Learn Something New

vacation and fitness

If you’ve up for an adventure, you’ve probably looked into adding a new hobby into your repertoire. However, learning something new takes time that you probably don’t have.

Vacation is the time to make a change! Sign up for surfing lessons, rent a paddle board or a kayak, take a hula dancing class; the options are endless. Whatever you decide to learn, make sure it involves movement. You’ll be adding a little workout to your trip while learning something new and having a blast. You’ll probably come home with a few great stories to share; this is a win-win situation!

Invest in a Few New Digs

So race day or travel days aren’t the best for breaking in new running shoes. But, they’re perfect for adding a few new items to your gear collection. Pick up that new singlet you’ve been eyeing up, invest in some new sport earbuds that are designed for comfort and durability, or purchase a new headband. A little extra swagger can go a long way! Probably further than the daily ice cream cone you were planning on investing on!

Ready to travel? Great…get away as fast as you can. Seriously, get out there, try new things and see something you’ve always dreamed of seeing!

But, make your return as sweet as possible by incorporating fitness into your routine while you’re gone. What are you waiting for? Have fun, see the sights and #playinspired today!

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