Getting Back to the Grind After Vacation: You've Got This

Getting Back to the Grind After Vacation: You've Got This

August 27, 2016


While summer nights are slowly fading into the background, you might be thinking about new routines: school, work or even the changing seasons. But, maybe something else could use a change, a new commitment, or a big first step – maybe it’s time to put your focus back onto your fitness.

Whether your vacation was in the literal sense – a week or two away from your home base – or more of a figurative break in your routine, it’s time to get back to the grind. Not sure where to start? No problem, pick a few options below and you’re off!

Schedule an Event

You scheduled your vacation in advance right? Why not schedule a race or another fitness-related event to find a little extra motivation? Use this nifty tool to find a race near you (or better, somewhere else!). Register. Look up a training schedule and commit. Chances are, if you’ve paid for an event, you’ll be more likely to see it through! It’s just one more reason to put your workout back on your workout after your return from paradise.

set a schedule with fitness in mind

Set a Schedule

Most days you probably hit your pillow wondering where the time went and how you could possibly find more of it.

But, step back for a second. How much time did you spend chasing Pokémon (sorry, I had to go there…)? What about browsing Facebook? How late did you stay up watching a television show that you’re not that into? If you added up the time you spend doing less-than-productive activities, you might be surprised at what you find.

Now, take that time, and think about how you could redirect it. Are you able to wake up 30 minutes earlier than average? What about a late night run? Whatever works for you, put it on your calendar. While it might have been easy to break your routine over vacation, it might take 21 days to get back to it without the “do I have to?” blues.  

Find a Partner

You’re not the only one trying to kick it up a notch or two. In fact, in the last few years running alone (excluding other up and coming routines like CrossFit, Spinning and others) experienced 300% growth.

That means that no matter what your level of fitness is, what goal you’re trying to reach or how long your “vacation” may have been, you’re not alone! Ask around at the office, see who would like to train with you for an event. Make friends at the gym, search for local running clubs; the options are endless.

The benefits are also endless. Working out with a partner makes you more likely to follow through – it’s easy to stay in bed, especially after a break, when it’s just you on the line, but not if someone is waiting for you. It’s also a little easier to push harder than normal when someone is a bit above your fitness level. Plus, the distraction that comes from focusing on something other than your own thoughts makes time pass faster – okay, not really, but it’ll probably feel that way!

best fitness gear for workouts

Pick Your Gear

We emphasize this a lot, but that’s because it’s important. The right gear makes any workout 100 times better. Have you been thinking about picking up a new fitness tracker or GPS watch? Did you see an Olympic athlete rocking something in Rio that you wish you could wear? Whether you need new shoes and have been slacking on picking them up, you need new sport earbuds to enjoy your workout without extra irritation or you need warmer active clothing for the change in seasons, make an investment in yourself and pick them up today! 

You’ve got this. No, seriously, you can do this. Don’t step on the scale to see what extra pounds you packed on during your time off, don’t get down on yourself at all. Instead, focus on the positives and think about what you can be doing today to get yourself back on track! Vacation may be over, but that means the fun is just beginning!

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