Spring Forward: Trends to Stay on Track

Spring Forward: Trends to Stay on Track

February 28, 2017


Spring is here. While it’s been a fairly mild winter for most of the country, it’s still a thrill to think about the warmer weather, longer days and new beginnings.

One of those new beginnings might relate to your workout routine. It’s time to break out of the gym, unplug the “dreadmill” and get outside.

It’s also a great time to think about updating your fitness gear. Out with the old and in with the new never sounds better than when the thermometer starts to rise and the sun starts shining a little more often. Is your wardrobe ready? If you’ve been hesitant to get out there, the items below might be exactly the push you’ve been looking for.

Hydration Solutions

Okay, “water bottle” might not sound all that exciting. But, it’s important, especially as temperatures start to rise. Replacing the water you lose during a workout keeps your body working at its optimal level of performance. The average person should aim for half their body weight in ounces of water over the course of a day. For example, a 150 pound individual should shoot for 75 ounces of water a day.

Bottles like the Quick Grip Chill by Camelback make it easy to carry your hydration of choice, even on the move.

Upgraded Staples

A change in seasons is a great time to focus on upgrading staples you can’t live without. Remember – running shoes are built to last around 300-400 miles. After that, injuries are more likely and the fit just won’t feel the same. If you’ve been putting in miles over the winter, it’s probably time for a replacement.

The Best Sport Earbuds

best sports earbuds

Nothing encourages some serious heart-pounding activity than the soundtrack to back it up. Dreading the tangled wires, slippery earbuds and spotty sound?

We’ve got the solution you didn’t even know you’ve been searching for. Our new wireless Catalyst sport earbuds are designed with serious athletes in mind. Featuring built-in subwoofers, a custom fit, a waterproof design and 15 hour battery, your music flow just increased in major ways. Expect a launch in early spring!

Sun Protection

No one wants to put it on, but it’s important. A little SPF protects everyone – especially those who spend extra time outside – from the more harmful effects of the sun.

Athletes often avoid sunscreen – who wants something that burns dripping into their eyes during a workout? The solution has arrived. Watermans Aqua Armor 50+ provides optimal levels of SPF in a sweat proof, ultra-water-resistant formula.

Pullover Perfection

While warmer temperatures are just around the corner, they’re not always there at the start of the run, especially for early morning runners. When the temperature is somewhere in the middle, extra layers that can be shed easily are crucial.

While we can’t be responsible for finding a place to store the extra layers as they come off, we can help make that tricky range between 35-55 degrees a little less puzzling. Outdoor Research’s Deviator hoody provides a wind-blocking layer to protect your upper body from unexpected chills, while sweat proof material stops you from overheating as the temperature rises. It’s consistently mentioned by Runner’s World as one of the top options for training outside.

A Little Headgear

So, your winter running cap might not be the most convenient choice when the sun is in full force. But, you still need a way to keep your hair off your face, right? Luckily, this season, headbands are all the rage.

Brands like BolderBand, Sweaty Band and Diva Bands all cater specifically to runners and other outdoor endurance athletes. With slip-proof backing and super sweet designs, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you.

Renewed Basics

sports bra fitness

We all know that old t-shirts and baggy sweats are less than ideal for reaching maximum levels of performance. But, for some reason, we hold on to more of them than we should.

Now’s the time to make a change. Head out to your favorite retailer or specialty top and find the style that fits your needs. For spring, think workout skirts (they may be more comfortable than you anticipate), new shorts, sport capris with moisture wicking and racerback tanks. Remember, what’s underneath matters too. Find a sports bra that fits comfortably and underwear designed for athletes.

As you replenish your wardrobe, ditch the pieces that have become…well….used. If you don’t enjoy wearing it, if the workout smell just won’t go away or if it’s worn, it’s time for something new.

It’s time to get outside again. Ready to perform at your best? Consider the upgrades above and have some fun!

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