Does Music Propel Your Workouts?

Does Music Propel Your Workouts?

April 18, 2017


When you think about certain songs, genres and music in general…what comes next? Chances are, you think of specific moments in your life, of memories. For most people, music is critical to everyday life. You likely listen to it on your way to work, however you commute. Perhaps it’s the first think you listen to in the morning. Maybe it’s the last thing you hear at night. It’s probably in the background at work, while you’re shopping and any other number of places.

For some people, however, music means even more. If you’re an athlete or enjoy finding new ways to push yourself through fitness, it might be a driver. It might be a deciding factor in whether you get through your toughest workouts.

Not sure if you depend on it? How worried do you get when you can’t find your earbuds when you get to the gym? Ever thought of just not continuing without some background sound? Part of that may be based in science. Ready to figure it out while using music to push through your next workout? Read on!

The Intersection of Music and Science

best music for your workouts

Wondering why you enjoy workouts more, or accomplish more while music is playing? The answer comes in three parts: music improves your moods, music acts as a distraction, and music improves your tempo.

  • Music interacts with the brain causing feel-good chemicals like dopamine and opioids to be released that boost moods and dull pain.

  • These chemicals also dull the sensation of pain and fatigue, allowing you to go harder, longer.

  • Music provides a distraction to repetitive actions that make it easy to focus on something other than the task at hand.

  • Remarkably, the brain’s neurons are able to synchronize with the tempo of music to enable faster repetitive motions.

Music can make you go faster. Music can make you go harder. Music can make it more enjoyable. Amazing, right?

What You Need to Get There

best earbuds for your workouts and your music

You believe it. You understand that music can help you push your limits. Great! Now…how do you get there?

In the past, it’s been a matter of compromise. Great sound from bulky headphones that are less than mobile. Or, uncomfortable earbuds that fit poorly, fail under stress and sound terrible. If you can relate, you don’t have to anymore. 26 has arrived.


Thanks to Audiophile Sound and a built-in Subwoofer, 26 has measured 10x better than industry leaders in independent audio tests. By combining a unique, prevision-tuned Hybrid Driver System that relies on Balanced Armature Drivers to isolate mid- and high-end frequencies with Dynamic Drivers that act as built-in subwoofers, runners and athletes can depend on acoustic prevision and distortion-free sound to truly pump up the pace.


Extras like Bluetooth 4.1 and a custom-designed Bluetooth antenna for optimized connectivity take 26 to the next level while Proprietary Hydrophobic Technology eliminates the worry over whether a set of earphones can truly handle the sweat required to push beyond limits.


Distraction free music that frees you to power through is possible, 26 is designed to make it happen. Are you ready to do more? (Link to purchase page).


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evan leibowitz
evan leibowitz

July 17, 2017


I just purchased zipbuds 26. I’ve got them connected to my phone. They sound good. I would like to read the manual. However when I go to the suggested site: it states that there is not one available yet. If possible please email one to me.



Evan Leibowitz

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