Built for Your Worst to Push for Your Best

Built for Your Worst to Push for Your Best

April 27, 2017


When people ask what you do, what matters to you…where do you start?

As a runner, your school or occupation might come first…but chances are, “I run,” comes out somewhere in your response.

Running and fitness have become integral parts of our culture. We’re on the move and it couldn’t be more exciting.

But, if you’re like any other runners out there – those just buying their first pair of shoes or those who have qualified for Boston – you face your own set of struggles on a regular basis. Motivation, finding a way to dig deeper, pushing your limits: they can all be a challenge.

We have a solution we’re excited to share, but first, we want to dive into the details.

A Common Thread

what motivates you on your workouts

What motivates you? What pushes you to your limits and beyond?

Maybe it’s an end goal…a push for a personal best, more tone, less weight, the desire to prove that you can do more.

Those are all great…but what gets you through the most challenging workouts, the moments when you’re ready to throw away the proverbial towel?

We can’t say for sure…but we’re guessing music plays an important role. In fact, that’s a sentiment we’ve heard a lot.

When you need to go harder. When you have 1 mile left. When you’re not sure if you can take a single step more…music might just be the factor that pushes you to dig a little deeper.

Starting to sound more familiar?

Music as a Motivator: The Problem

If the beat is what helps you go farther, faster or longer. If it pushes you beyond yourself, you’ve probably found something that’s a consistent struggle: keeping it with you on the go.

At the gym, when the speakers are blaring, maybe it isn’t an issue. But, when you’re out on your own, or trying to find the “it” zone (we know you know what we mean), a speaker or bulky headphone isn’t going to make the cut.

You’ve probably looked for ways to correct the problem. We’re willing to bet you have more than a few earbuds laying around that are damaged, that you’ve lost a few somewhere between your front door and your destination.

You’ve probably also just given up on having the music you need on to go due to discomfort or a poor fit.

You aren’t the only one. In fact, when we talked with people just like you, the top trouble areas for earbuds related to fit, comfort and durability.

We decided to change the game.

The Solution You Didn’t Think Was Possible

We listened to your complaints. We took them seriously. We then took them to engineers and influencers around the world to figure out the answer.

We’ve talked before about the sound and design of “26 (link to article),” the sport earbuds designed to change the fitness world. But, the fit and durability are just as important.

We’re proud to announce that 26 provides the sweat-proof durability and unique, custom fit solutions you’ve been dreaming of.

Sweat-Proof Durability

Sweat is a good thing; it’s proof that you’ve put in the effort needed to see results, to go farther than you have before.

Unfortunately, sweat and traditional sport earbuds don’t mix.

Featuring Proprietary Hydrophobic Technology, 26 is designed to withstand the worst. Using this technology, no sweat is too much; the protection you’ve been dreaming of is here to stay.

Custom Fit Comes to Life

all ears are different to sound

No ear is built equally. As such, large round earbuds – you know where we’re going with this – and small cushioned earbuds can’t work for everyone, if they work at all.

As a response, 26 offers 144 unique combinations of Eartips and Stabilizers to achieve a truly custom fit with optimal comfort.

No more pulling out headphones mid race or tossing them after another sweat session leaves them worthless.

26 is built for your worst so you can push for your best without distraction or frustration. Ready to see them in action? Ready to change your game? Start with 26. (link to purchase).

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