Top 10 Healthiest New Year's Resolutions

Top 10 Healthiest New Year's Resolutions

January 04, 2016


The clocks have struck midnight and the time has come – either start those new year’s resolutions you boasted about in the bar or turn into a pumpkin. It’s one thing to say, “in 2016 I will be healthier and get fitter”. It’s a whole other thing to get out there and make your resolutions a reality. The best place to start is by breaking your broad resolutions into manageable goals. Set realistic goals and try to enjoy the process as much as the reward. Here’s our top 10 list of the most popular resolutions to inspire you in 2016!

10: I will relax more.
Stress is bad for our health! The more we can relax and enjoy our free time, the healthier we will be. This could be as bold as working less to spend additional time with family, or as simple as making more out of your lunch break. Music is proven to ease anxiety and release endorphins, so try listening to a soothing playlist through your favorite pair of sport earbuds

9: I will sleep better.
This is another one that comes under the heading of ‘easier said than done’, yet many of us underestimate the worth of a good night sleep and a strong bedtime routine. Don’t just say you will carve out more time to catch some Z’s. Instead, read up on sleep hygiene and put your new found strategies into practice.

 8: I will give up smoking.
This is a completely self-explanatory no-brainer. Cut out the cigarettes and make a drastic difference to your well-being and your life expectancy.

 7: I will cut down on alcohol.
Drinking less is always a highly featured (and often failed) new year’s resolution – the trick is to have a plan. Going cold turkey can set you up for failure. Cutting down on your weekly intake is a much better approach. If you do want to go all the way, however, a motivational tape is a great tool – you can listen to it through your sport earbuds at night!

 6: I will eat my five a day.
Who doesn’t want to eat healthy? Some of us will have this resolution written in big, bold letters on the fridge – but it can still be quite the challenge. Some great ways to get ahead of the curve are to add vegetables to evening meals, snack on fruit, and drink fruit juice.

 5: I’m going on a diet!
Much like eating healthier, diets are always a mainstay on the new year’s resolution board. What often goes forgotten is the fact that diets don’t always have to be extreme. Simply making small, beneficial changes in the amount of fat, sugar, salt and vitamins that are included in our daily intake can have a large impact. Small substitutions and occasional rewards are often more effective than excessive diets, binges, and crashes.

 4: I will go to the gym.
Have a gym membership that you barely ever use? The start of a new year is the perfect time to brush the dust off of it and commit to a realistic weekly routine. Set goals and keep them in the front of your mind. Keep track of all of the data for your times and distances – and be sure to take a good pair of sport earbuds. Workout playlists are a fantastic way to distract yourself from the other gym members and all of the pain they’re likely enduring.

 3: I will do more physical activity.
Many people prefer this resolution over ‘I will go to the gym’ because gyms can be intimidating and punishing for newcomers. Any increase in activity level is a positive and there is no shame in starting small. Get outside more regularly, take the stairs at work, finally commit to that yoga class, and walk as often as possible.

 2: I will get in shape.
The promise of working out is one thing, but the main aim for many of us is to actually get in better shape. What does ‘better shape’ actually mean to you? Do you want all-over tone, muscle building and core strength, or is it enough to tone up those loose arms or chunky thighs? Again, it is all about long term effort and realistic goals. Use music to help you achieve your goals! Wear your well-designed sport earbuds to keep your mood and motivation in the right place.

 1: I will lose weight.
The resolution at the top spot won’t come as a big surprise. We all have some extra holiday pounds to shed and some of us have bigger weight loss goals than others. This is where the effort of the other resolutions hopefully pays off; if you watch your diet, alcohol levels, and physical activity – the pounds should disappear!

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