The Top Features To Look For When Buying Workout Headphones

The Top Features To Look For When Buying Workout Headphones

December 29, 2015


Music and fitness go hand in hand. For every runner motivating themselves with their favorite songs on that last mile, there is a gym-goer blocking out distractions with a perfectly-paced playlist. The problem is that a great pair of workout earbuds can be hard to find. Go for the expensive model with the great sound dynamics and you end up wasting money on something that doesn't last; go for a cheap and cheerful model that is a little tougher and you sacrifice the auditory experience. Then there is the problem of earbuds getting tangled up during the session or never staying in place. There are lots of factors that go into the perfect pair and occasionally a company gets it right.

The ideal pair of workout earbuds needs to be secure, tough, and able to offer brilliant sound quality.

The most important feature to look for has to be a great fit. The standard, hard shape of basic earbuds sits in the ear for a short while but falls out any time there is a sudden movement. This can be very distracting and completely eliminates the purpose of using earbuds when users suddenly find themselves with one earbud falling out. To avoid this this frustration, buyers need to look at the way that the earbuds are molded for a snug sport fit and the use of soft silcone tips. The weight of the device is important too; the lighter the mode,l the more likely you are to forget that they are in there.

These workout earbuds also need to be tough enough to handle the job. A gym is not a great environment for delicate electronics and gadgets, with all the rough treatment, heat and sweat that they have to endure. This means it is best to look for tough materials that can resist breakage, a strong casing to protect the wiring and water-resistance that is strong enough for running in the rain. In addition to this, earphones tend to have tiny wires that split and get into knots in mysterious ways. This can be avoided with earbuds with tangle-free technology that use a sliding mechanism that essentially zips the wires together to keep them in place.

Finally there is the issue of great sound quality. This music is important and needs to be heard with clarity for that strong beat and those inspiring lyrics. The best workout earbuds are those that offer performance enhancing sound with great breadth, which includes the often overlooked bass. It also helps if a product can offer simple controls for that sound, so users don't have to break concentration when tuning up the volume or switching tracks, or if there are extras like a noise-filtering microphone.

There are workout-friendly earphones that provide all of these features.

There are many products out there that make people choose between these key features and force them to decide upon a priority – a secure fit, durable materials or perfect sound quality. This is unfair on the consumer who deserves to have all three for the best gym experience and there is no reason why you can't. Don't compromise on quality and design when you can have the best of both worlds – a tough, secure pair of quality earphones that also provides full, rich sound.

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