The Best Sport Earbuds For The New Year

The Best Sport Earbuds For The New Year

December 22, 2015


The holidays are tough time for those of us that want to stay in shape; we eat too much during the family dinner, drink too much at the office parties, and never seem to find the time to go for a run, especially in the rain and snow. It can be difficult to get back into the mindset of regular workouts and gym sessions once the holidays are over and it is even harder for those trying to start fresh with New Year resolutions.

Music is a wonderful tool for getting back to the gym and hitting those goals.  It provides the ideal motivational song or can simply let us block out the noise of others. A pair of gym-friendly earbuds can be a great Christmas gift. Finding the best sport earbuds can be difficult but there is one product out there that solves many of the problems consumers face and can keep wearers on track with that post-Christmas weight loss.

Some earbuds are not adequate for those tough January gym sessions. One of the biggest problems that people experience with sport-based earbuds is that they don't stay in place. A tough workout or a run means a lot of movement and the potential that the buds are going to be dislodged, so it is much more helpful when products are molded into the right shape or have the materials to adapt to the user and stay in place more easily. Tangled wires are an issue too because it is so easy for these thin wires to get knotted up and twisted while in use or in a pocket. There is the option of switching to a Bluetooth wireless pair to completely eliminate this but this then leads to additional problems with battery life and a continuous connection.

What are people looking for from the best sport earbuds?
• A great fit
• Durability
• Sound quality

Zipbuds Sport Earbuds White and Blue

Some people may ask why gym-goers don't simply opt for over-the-ear headphones to be sure of a secure fit, great sound, and noise cancellation. Although they accomplish these goals to some degree, they are far too heavy and awkward to be of use in the gym. Only in-ear models will do but many buyers struggle to find a product that doesn't fall out their ears every five minutes so they need something molded and comfortable. Durability is also desirable because these things are probably going to be subjected to plenty of abuse and sweat during those January gym sessions, which means they need to be made out the best materials. Finally, sound quality is also a crucial trait in any pair of earbuds so wearers can hear that motivational song with clarity and depth.

Slide Sport earphones from Zipbuds can help with all of these issues.
• Earbuds that stay in place
• Great sound
• Light weight
• Durable materials
• Tangle-free wires

Best Workout Sport Earbuds

With the Slide Sport model, users are guaranteed a pair of in-ear headphones that will actually stay in place and provide great comfort throughout the workout thanks to the great molding of the lightweight Sport-Fit design. For even fewer distractions, this product has a slide system for the wires that means they lock in place during the workout and wont tangle when thrown into a gym bag. As for the materials, military-grade fibers and great water-resistance mean that they can be used in all weather conditions. It turns out that there is no excuse not to head out in the rain and snow this winter after all!

These Slide Sport earbuds are the ideal way to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to the gym because not only will they give users the chance to blast all the new music they got with clarity, a breadth of dynamic sound (including a surprisingly powerful bass) and simple controls, they come in a range of attractive color schemes to suit different tastes and personalities.

The Best Christmas Sport Workout Earbuds

Zipbuds Slide Sport earbuds are the best sport earbuds at a fair price. There is one final benefit of the Slide sport earphones that will appeal to consumers this Christmas period – affordability. These earbuds have a MSRP of $79.95 but Zipbuds is making Holiday shopping even easier by offering a 50% discount for at just $39.95. You can really get a lot for your money with the great fit, sound quality, and durability that these earbuds bring. Be sure that your loved one gets a Christmas gift they will really appreciate.

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