Tech Soul Mates: Finding Sport Earbuds for Life

Tech Soul Mates: Finding Sport Earbuds for Life

April 21, 2016


If you work out seriously, you know all about “the zone,” that place where all the pain seems to fall away and you feel as though you could keep sweating forever. Of course, not every workout results in this blessed-out state, but there is a reliable way to increase the number of sessions that do … and I’ll bet you know what it is.

If you guessed listening to music, gold star. Turns out that science backs music’s epic contribution to training, and that you can even optimize your playlist to make your workout as effective and painless as possible.

But not if your workout earbuds fall out, break or otherwise let you down, friends. That’s why today we’re here to talk about what constitutes the perfect set of sport earbuds: staying put, putting up with abuse, storing easily and lookin’ darned good. Follow along as we discuss what to look for in headphones so you can make sure your workouts rock every single time.

The Staying Power Factor

Hands-down the most important quality in sport earbuds is whether or not they stay in your freaking ears. If they don’t, well, hope you enjoy the sound of traffic, because music you shall not be enjoying. Beds that get slippery when wet tend to slip, fall or get pulled out too easily, which isn’t what you need when you’re already being challenged. Look for a pair that comes with some sort of earbud stability system, such as the one Zipbuds offers, using silicone ear tips to keep buds in place.

The Durability Factor

Finding the best sport earbuds

Pop quiz: Do you want your headphones to break mid-workout, in the midst of an intense descent up the side of a rocky cliff face? Pop quiz no. 2: What kind of question is that? Okay, okay, let’s all calm down. The answer to question no. 1 is of course you don’t.

Instead, you expect your workout gear to be good for the long haul, right? You don’t want it to break down due to a little moisture, to rough roads while traveling, or to a bit of dirt or sand. And you certainly don’t want your workout earbuds crapping out just because you use them all the time. Avoid this fate by looking for headphones specifically designed for the sporty life and composed of tough, all-weather materials that won’t let you down.

The All-Terrain Factor

Today’s fitness world encompasses so much more than the stationary bike and Jazzercise class. Sporty types get their sweat on in so many ways. Think kayaking, mountaineering, martial arts, gymnastics and ultra-marathoning. When you sign up to put in a real workout, you want to know your sport earbuds aren’t going to give you the slip when you need them most. Choose headphones that won’t shut down in a bit of rain, and will keep going no matter where you take your workout.

The Storage Factor

Tangled headphones don’t lead to zen-like workouts. Instead, choose tangle-free tech to ensure this doesn’t happen when you head out into the world to break a sweat. That way, storage is simple and getting going is even simpler.

The Outfit Factor

This is pretty straightforward, but most people (ladies, we’re especially looking at you) want their outfits to look good, even when they’re out breaking a sweat. You never know who you might have to impress, right? Choose a brand of workout earbud that comes in multiple colors to match your duds, and you’ll be happier.

The Device Factor

Workout earbuds for life

So now you know what you want to stick in your ears to get that perfect sound while you’re out breaking a sweat, but where should you keep those tunes and stories? The truth is, any device that holds enough audio and you don’t mind carrying will do the trick. Choose a pair of sport earbuds that is universal and matches the look of your audio device, because if you cared about the Outfit Factor, why ruin the look now?

Hitting that rocking workout is easier than you might think. With this list in mind, you can now feel confident choosing a pair that fits with your lifestyle and personal sense of style. If you’re still not sure what you might like, check out Zipbuds. We offer a range of options, all while providing the same fine-tuned audio experience our devoted users have come to expect, so that you can get lost in the zone more easily than ever before.

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