Packing a Fitness Capsule Wardrobe

Packing a Fitness Capsule Wardrobe

March 31, 2016


So you’re headed on a trip, and you want to make sure you bring absolutely as much gear and luggage as possible! Ideally you’ll spend unnecessary time in airport security scanning everything, then have to check your bags at the gate anyway. Overhead compartments will be a nightmare. Getting cabs and unloading at your hotel should be as much of a hassle as possible.

Wait … no. That’s not right. Let’s try again: When packing for your trip, you want to bring as little as possible, while ensuring you still have the freedom to do whatever you want and to maintain your workout routine. Yes, that sounds more like it.

The truth is, whether your travels are for business or pleasure, you already need multiple types of clothing: sleepwear, business clothes for meetings, casual duds for evenings out, fancy dress for dinners or the theater, and fitness clothes to last the entire trip. It’s a lot, especially if you like to travel light.


Enter the Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is the perfect solution to staying active the entire time you’re gone without an overflowing suitcase. In a nutshell, the idea is to cultivate a wardrobe full of interchangeable shirts and pants and jackets and shoes that mix and match with all the others, rather than being confined to a specific “mate.”

Capsules work well at home, but they work even better on vacation. Check out Caroline Rector’s vacation wardrobe for an idea of what we’re talking about. Notice she packs only three tops, two bottoms and one jacket for an entire trip … be honest, you’ve sometimes packed that much for an overnight stay. She’s cut out unnecessary items by ensuring everything matches everything else.

While we believe capsules are a wonderful way to minimize wasted suitcase space (and maximize the effectiveness of your closet overall) no matter what type of clothing you’re talking about, today we’re going to look specifically at workout gear. Packing a “fitness capsule” can help you stay healthy the entire time you’re gone, without having to do laundry or nabbing the Guinness World Record for Biggest Luggage Set Evah.


How to stay in shape while traveling



Tops do heavy-duty work, what with armpit proximity and all. Chances are you’ll have to change out your undershirt or tee every day or two, and that can’t be helped, so pack accordingly. However, you can minimize space by choosing just one more structured tops that will go over the rest of your workout clothes: a zip-up jacket or moisture-wicking shirt, for instance. With a protective layer underneath, you shouldn’t need to wash it the whole time you’re away. Just make sure it fits over all your workout tops.



Choosing the right pants for your trip is crucial. You’ll want a pair that will be comfortable with any top. Some pants have bands that sit too low on the waist to wear with tight tops, for instance, while others require you tuck the top in. Avoid anything that has a specific mate, and go for pants that fit well with any shirt.

You should also choose pants that match the weather you’ll meet on your trip. Icy climes? Pack fleece-lined leggings. Tropical sands? Opt for close-fitting shorts that wick sweat. Whatever the weather, bring pants that you can reuse three or more times before washing, so that you don’t have to do laundry. Then pack a pair of pants for every three days you’ll be gone.


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Socks and Shoes

Some things can’t just be capsuled out of existence, unfortunately, and socks are one of them. Most likely your socks will need to be replaced daily, so shoot for small ankle socks that fold up tight, and bring an extra plastic bag for rolled-up dirties. If you’ll be skiing or engaging in other cold-weather activities, bring smaller socks to wear underneath woolen ones, so that you only have to bring the one pair of woolens.

When it comes to shoes, cross trainers are usually a safe bet for all types of activities: running, hiking, climbing or hitting the gym. If you want, you could switch them out for barefoot shoes and skip the socks altogether.


Workout Earbuds

If you’ve just got to have those noise-canceling headphones, go for it. But most people find that sport earbuds are a better choice for getting out and moving. Specially designed workout earbuds stay in your ears without getting in the way or trapping sweat.

Avoid the cheap sets that came with your listening device and opt for the best earbuds on the market. Zipbuds provides a listening experience that outperforms all direct competitors, and our products are highly durable, so you never need to worry about them getting beat up or broken while traveling. With them on hand, you can take your workouts to the next level at home or away.

See? Avoiding that world record is pretty simple. All you have to do is pack intelligently, taking into account the types of fitness activities you’ll engage in and how often you can reuse each type of clothing, and make a plan. We’re betting you never go anywhere without your fitness capsule again.

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