Finally find the perfect fit with Zipbuds

Finally find the perfect fit with Zipbuds

January 26, 2016


You are probably sick of companies going on about their soft, feminine approach to their products. Are these brands claiming to be "gentle" because they think that’s what girls need, or are they actually concentrating on comfort? At Zipbuds, the obvious solution wasn't to try and make the ideal girls-only pair of earbuds for "delicate" ears. Instead, the Slide Sport workout earbuds are designed to be gentle and comfortable for absolutely anyone.

The great materials and design mean that both men and women can now find their perfect fit.

The gentle feel of these sports earbuds is largely due to the use of the soft grip coating. This rubberized coating on the tips actually feels good in your ear and, unlike some of the tougher models, doesn't feel cold and uncomfortable on those early morning runs. The soft texture also makes the earbuds more adaptive to the ear than rigid, basic earphones. This is crucial for girls that struggle to find a pair of earphones that fit properly throughout their workout. If you have ever bought a standard pair and felt that they don't quite sit right because they were designed for the ears of men, the Sport Fit mold of these Slide Sport earbuds are a great alternative. In addition to this, there are even three different sized tips in the box, so even the smallest of ears are catered for.

Essentially, the design of these workout earbuds is all about providing optimal comfort for all wearers — male and female — by utilizing some of best design ideas. A common complaint from female buyers is that earphones can feel too heavy in their ears, which puts unnecessary strain on the ear and increases the discomfort. These Slide Sport earbuds are different because they use an angled shape to take the bulk of the weight away from the ear, while still offering the most secure fit possible. This is essential for long term use. If you are the sort of girl that likes to listen to a long playlist of songs on a run, you want your earbuds to feel as comfortable and secure on the fourth mile as the first. There is no danger of these sports earbuds working loose or feeling heavy because of one final, clever feature — the "Zip-Fit Energy Diffusion System". This patented design redirects energy back down the wires to provide even more comfort and stability.

sport earbuds for girlsWith the great fit of these Slide Sport earbuds, you can enjoy your music in comfort for as long as you need.

There really is nothing worse than a poorly-designed pair of earbuds that fall out of your ears as you're jogging on the treadmill. Not only does it provide too much of a distraction, it ruins the listening experience. These Zipbuds SLIDE Sport earbuds have been carefully designed to offer a clear, powerful sound at any volume, which is perfect for motivational music at the gym. This would be have been completely futile, however, without that great fit. By offering the ideal fit that women have been looking for, Zipbuds have ensured that both women and men can now enjoy their music to its full potential without fear of the earbuds falling out or becoming uncomfortable.

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