Why Upbeat Music Makes Your Workout Much More Effective

Why Upbeat Music Makes Your Workout Much More Effective

January 12, 2016


Why do we choose to put in a pair of sport earbuds and listen to our favorite workout tunes while at the gym? There is a good chance that most of us will simply say that it puts us 'in the zone' or that it simply makes us feel better. While this is true, there is actually a lot more to it than that. Upbeat music is scientifically proven to improve a workout session by giving users the perfect tempo and pace, the chance to improve mood and motivation, and a welcome distraction when the pain sets in.

Pace and Tempo:
It makes sense that the slower the song, the less energy the listener is likely to burn in response. A good, strong beat is perfect for keeping rhythm during a workout for the most efficient form of aerobic exercise. In fact, studies show that when tempo is increased, the listener's natural response is to walk or pedal faster. There is a limit, however, as once a song reaches beyond 140 beats per minute, it becomes too frantic to be effective.

Using upbeat music to keep pace is a great tool but there are some slower songs that still keep the heart and legs pumping because of the emotion and the lyrics. If there is a certain song that will help you to break through a wall on a tough day, one where you have minimal motivation to begin with, all you need to do is put on those sport earbuds, focus on the power of the message, the intensity in the song and the memory that you have attached to it. This could work with many songs, it is just more likely that an uplifting song also has an upbeat feel and tempo.

Motivation and mood are closely linked when it comes to using music to help with workouts and exercise. When we are motivated to work harder via that inspirational song that means so much to us, our mood increases. Unsurprisingly, studies have shown that upbeat, “happy” sounding songs do a much better job. For example, it has been noted that joyful music can raise the flow-mediated dilation of the brachial artery and increase blood flow to a similar level as aerobic exercise.

Happy, upbeat songs for a happy, upbeat workout session make a lot of sense because mood is so important when working out to our full potential. On a more scientific level, there is also the fact that upbeat music releases endorphins to trigger these positive responses and help us to deal with pain. The idea of using music as a distraction in the gym is nothing new; it is the extent to which upbeat songs work that may surprise fitness fans. Not only does upbeat music give gym users more information to process than slower songs, studies show that even electric shocks can feel more gentle if the participant is listening to happy songs.

Why upbeat music makes your workout much more effective.
As you can see, the power of upbeat music in the gym is about more than the initial emotion and the sense of feeling good. A fast-paced, motivational song can lift the mood, ease pain and take your workout to another level. So, go ahead and get yourself a great pair of sport earbuds and create an upbeat playlist to boost your future workouts.

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